Covid19 Alert! In an effort to assist families who are now believing God would have them continue to homeschool their students after experience due to Covid19 restrictions, we are pleased to offer a modification of our "previously homeschooled" requirement for the Secondary Academy for the 2020-2021 school year. For this year only, students having schooled at home since March of 2020 may join our program for up to two classes without previously having homeschooled for a complete year. Please contact for specific details.

The HRM Elementary Academy (8/15) and Super Friday (8/14) will remain open until mid August. Don't miss this opportunity. Some classes are already filling.

Before attending the Kingwood Home School Formal for 2020, please print out this waiver form, fill it in and email it to us.

To order tickets you can either:

Elementary Academy


Do we register for an entire year or per semester? Elementary Academy registration is by the year. Does my child have to take a class in all periods? All classes are offered a-la-carte. Students need to be supervised by the parent during any time they do not have class. Where do the classes meet? All classes meet in the Kingwood, Texas area. Does my child have to be enrolled in classes to take the Stanford Achievement Test in May? Registering for the Stanford Achievement Test given in May is optional for both Home Run Ministries students and other homeschooling students who do not attend Home Run classes. There is a charge in either case. When should I register for the next school year? The HRM Elementary Academy registration period begins April 15 and remains open until August 15. Do you offer scholarships? There are limited, partial scholarship funds available for tuition only, on the basis of financial need. Those wishing to apply for a partial scholarship must submit an application before June 30 for the upcoming school year. Applications may be obtained by emailing Can a student participate in one of the academic programs (Elementary Academy, Secondary Academy) and Super Friday? Yes, a student may register for one of the academic programs and Super Friday all in the same school year. May I visit one or more classes? As 2020-2021 is the initial year for the HRM Elementary Academy, we currently do not have classes in session. Interested parents are welcome to visit classes with a scheduled appointment during the 2020-2021 school year in preparation for the following school year. Please call the office at 281-533-3599 or email to schedule a visit. Do you offer bus service for student transportation? No, we do not offer bus service, but we can refer families to other families living in the same vicinity for carpooling services. Do you accept special education students? Most of the HRM teachers are not trained in special education techniques. The faculty and administration are happy to include special education students if a student can succeed in our classes with only minor modifications. Is HRM Elementary Academy a nut-free campus? While we are unable to guarantee that the building we use is nut-free, students are asked not to bring nuts or food items containing nuts to our campus for the Tuesday classes. Will my child be served lunch? Students staying for the lunch period between our morning and afternoon classes must bring a sack lunch from home that does not require heating or preparation.